Here you can ask Obito Uchiha and Kakashi Hatake from Naruto anything you want to know.
This blog is based on the ObiKaka doujinshi "Other Days" by ~elizarush in dA.

All art by elizarush/elizakaze.

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Hey guys! This blog is still being inactive due to 98765434567 reasons, but not to worry! There’s another Obito and Kakashi related ask blog out there.

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And anyhow, all of you out there…

I hope we will see again someday. Until then you can check my other blogs.

STILL INACTIVE but you can find me on other sites


These are my public websites where you can find artwork and some personal thoughts of mine.

elizakaze•tumblr • fan art and reblogs from my favourite tv-shows and movies, rants about life and film school, a lot of gay stuff.

elizarush•deviantart • fan comics and illustrations from the manga/anime series Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, some personal stuff, mostly LeeGaa, ObiKaka and NaruSasu.

elizakaze•deviantart • fan comics and illustrations mostly from tv-series Supernatural, Doctor Who and BBC’s Sherlock, sometimes all at once, pretty same art as in my tumblr blog.

elizakaze•pixiv • fan art mostly from tv-series Supernatural, Doctor Who and BBC’s Sherlock, sometimes all at once, but with less gayness.

lets-become-jim•tumblr • cosplay blog for a Jim Moriarty costume, rants about trying to understand clothes and other cosplay things.

ask-obikaka•tumblr • a currently inactive ask blog for Obito and Kakashi from the manga series Naruto, based on my BL fan comic Other Days (can be read in elizarush•dA).

I’ve gotten almost ten new followers to this blog after saying that I’m not doing this anymore._. Guys, I’m serious! I’m most likely not going to continue this, I’m not feeling like doing so at all. If you want to see more art from me, please rather follow my main blog elizakaze.

I’m sorry but there’s nothing new to see here.

A Sweet Cliche by *elizarush
Happy ObiKaka Day!

Not work safe – at least for Obito.XD
Another extra from my doujinshi.…Wait – no it’s not!^u^;
Anyway, I replaced the traditionally drawn pic with this new one since scanner always raeps my marker works.>_< and I tried out if I could color a whole pic.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Fluff, anyone?

To be discontinued by *elizarush

Happy Birthday, Obito!
karpatiyaoista asked: Hello! I am gonna have an advanced English language exam tomorrow. Will you wish me good luck, please?*___* Love your art, by the way

Of course! Best of luck (and thank you)~!



No One Suspects by *elizarush